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Delta LTL3500 Retroreflectometer

Delta LTL3500 Retroreflectometer

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LTL3500 is part of a new generation of DELTA retroreflectometer
instruments for measuring retroreflection of road markings.
The instrument is based on the latest technological developments
and with modern design and materials. LTL3500 is, like all other
DELTA instruments, very easy to calibrate and operate, we like to
say “very user-friendly”. And the instrument is of course robust
and long lasting , On top of this it is small in size (470 x 280 x 150
mm / 18.0 x 11.0 x 5.9 inch) and light in weight (5.6 kg / 12.3 lbs).

LTL3500 is especially suitable for persons, who carry out
measurement programs with many measurements – the instrument
software can assist in structuring the measurements for easy
overview when reviewing results. LTL3500 offer a number of
features, which allow for collection of additional information linked
to the measurements than just retroreflection information, this
includes photo documentation. The extendable handle ensures an
ergonomic correct working position. Still, the instrument is small
and lightweight making transport of the instrument easy.

The instrument complies with international standards like: EN 1436,
ASTM E 1710, ASTM E 2177, ASTM E 2302, ASTM E 2367 and
ASTM E 2832.

General features:

  • Simultaneous RL and Qd for dry & wet markings
  • RL for continuous wetting
  • Measurement time less than 1 sec for both RL and Qd
  • Measures RL on profiled markings up to 15 mm / 0.6 inch
  • Daylight contrast
  • Ambient temperature and humidity
  • Memory capacity 8GB
  • Multi-lingual
  • Average calculation
  • Easy-readable color touch LED display with 3 buttons
  • Long-life illumination system
  • USB memory stick
  • Wi-Fi prepared
  • Power supply, standard Bosch professional battery
  • Shows and stores date, time, air temperature, marking temperature and humidity
  • Facility for entering and storing road ID, user ID and other measurement related data
  • Road Icon references
  • Data presentation in Excel and Google Earth
  • Stray light compensated
  • Single handed operation, user-friendly
  • ”Time for Service” indicator
  • Calibration reminder
  • Wet timer

Optional features:

  • Qd
  • Pass-fail Indicator
  • GNSS positioning
  • Nighttime color (x,y) for RL measurements (white & yellow)
  • Color Box reading
  • Macro and overview cameras
  • Orientation (compass, instrument tilt)
  • Wi-Fi API & Web App (SW feature under development)
  • User defined data linked to measurement (3rd party equipment)
  • Add note to measurement
  • Add roadmaking Icon to measurement
  • External printer

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